Cross Platform Server

It's difficult to imagine our world without the sophisticated web applications that bring the Internet to life. With Visual Studio 2015, web developers have a wider array of tools than ever, including the ability to work on Windows and Linux.

  • .NET Core is a version of .NET for modern device and cloud workloads. It provides a single set of APIs for you to use for your apps. .NET has always offered low-level code portability as a fundamental tenet, and now has an uniform API set that can be used in multiple app types.
  • ASP.NET 5 and Entity Framework 7 have been optimized for cloud deployments by reducing their memory footprint and increasing their throughput. They are open source and cross platform and are able to run on the traditional .NET Framework 4.6 as well as the new cloud-optimized .NET Core 5. Visual Studio 2015 alo has many enhancements for client-side web development.
  • With the Node.js Tools for Visual Studio and Python Tools for Visual Studio, developers can take advantage of an official Microsoft open-sourced extension that enables first-class Visual Studio tooling support for such proijects.
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