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Bing Developer Assistant

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This extension for Visual Studio that combines the power of Bing and the Visual Studio IDE to give personalized and contextual help for finding code samples and projects. The Developer Assistant is able to draw from over 21 million code snippets and include assistance for APIs, programming tasks, and compiler errors.

Since it's first release in December 2014, the extension has added the following features:

  • Indexing Github projects and samples: The Bing team has worked with Github, the largest code host in the world, to index its millions of code samples as well as API usage samples for popular open source libraries like HTMLAgilityPack, NewtonSoft.json, Xamarin, and the Windows universal platform.
  • Bing contextual search: The plugin is enabled with Bing contextual search that currently helps with root causing compiler errors and code lookup.
  • Pinnable IntelliSense window: Instead of having the IntelliSense Window self-dismiss when you click anywhere outside the window, you can pin this window and move or dock it anywhere in Visual Studio so it doesn’t block the view of your code. You can also pin multiple API Help windows and dock them together for easy access.
  • "How do I…"” code search in IntelliSense: Makes it easier to find code samples that address certain programming tasks. You can also invoke the 'How do I' search using the 'Ctrl+Shift+F1' shortcut key.
  • Settings to pick your preferred IntelliSense experience: The Developer Assistant > IntelliSense setting in Visual Studio lets you choose between the default Visual Studio behavior or the Developer Assistant-enhanced IntelliSense. This allows you to turn on the enhanced experience when you're writing new code and the Developer Assistant is most useful, and to then turn it off when refactoring code or making other changes where the Developer Assistant is not needed.

Azure Cloud Code Analysis Pack

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When you're programming apps that use Microsoft Azure, there are some coding practices you should follow to help avoid problems with app scalability, behavior, and performance in a cloud environment. The Azure Code Analysis Pack recognizes and identifies several of these commonly-encountered issues and helps you resolve them.

This package provides a small set of code analysis rules to identify and resolve performance, scalability and runtime issues on Microsoft Azure.

Web Essentials for Visual Studio

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Web Essentials is an open-source community extension that provides a host of highly useful tools in the IDE for web developers across HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including LESS, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, and Markdown. It is available for Visual Studio 2015.

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