Cross-Platform Mobile

In the mobile-first, cloud-first world, people expect their data to follow them across devices. To create these experiences, developers seek to apply their existing skills to build apps for multiple platforms from a single solution.

Visual Studio 2015 offers several ways to approach mobile app development.

  • The Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova enables developers to use their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (or TypeScript) skills to write and debug hybrid apps that require little or no platform-specific customizations.
  • Xamarin tools combined with Visual Studio empowers developers to write and debug fully native cross-platform mobile apps by using C# and .NET, with 75% to nearly 100% shared code across platforms.
  • New capabilities enable Visual C++ developers to build cross-platform C++ code that runs on Android, iOS, and Windows, all from a shared code base.
  • The Visual Studio Emulator for Android is based on Hyper-V, and is targetable by any Android project with configurable images such as Lollipop and KitKat.
  • With the downloadable Visual Studio Tools for Unity extension, game and high-performance graphics developers use C# for their Unity scripts in Visual Studio. Developers enjoy streamlined workflows and debugging in conjunction with Unity tools, which can target multiple mobile platforms from a single code base.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

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